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Thank you for visiting Freedom Ammunition LLC., Black Rifle specialist and your one stop source for all your ammunition and firearms needs.

Please browse our shop and find everything you need. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at sales@freedomammunition.com or call (310) 697-9774.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Freedom Ammunition

  1. I have purchased a few thousand rounds from Steven and have never had a problem. I just placed an order for another 6k rounds. These guys are awesome. Thanks for the great service.
    Danny Ace from down in key west FL

  2. Living close to Freedom Ammunition I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand the attention to detail they put into every round manufactured at Freedom. They use the very best components to manufacture there ammo and offer that ammo at a very competitive price. I cannot even begin to describe the awesome customer service I have received with them. From question about ammo, firearms, handguards, holsters, whatever, they have always been willing to answer all my questions and in an expedient manner. Am I a satisfied customer? Oh yeah. Will I be purchasing more ammo, and firearms in the future? You bet.

  3. I have purchased a few thousand rounds from Freedom and also my carry gun. When he heard I was going to be going through my CCW class he made me up a special batch just for that. The ammo rocks and just beats all others I have found with its quality and unbeatable price. When people see how powerful the rounds are they always ask, “What in the world are you shooting and where can I get some!” You can never beat Freedom for their support, Price, And sense of humor. Dont bother looking anywhere else for your ammunition and guns needs. He has everything your looking for.. Well almost everything.

  4. Like many of you I have bought ammunition from Steven and I can say this without hesitation, I am impressed with the man’s knowledge, his customer service and the quality of the product. As far as fair pricing is concerned in conjunction with the product I do not where I could go to find anyone, or company more fair. Freedom will have my loyalty as long as they are in business.
    Best regards, and respectfully,

  5. Steve’s ammo is of the highest quality I have ever used. I am ordering another 5k today and will continue to use Freedom Ammunition exclusively.
    I use Freedom for SD as well as training loads.

    Thanks Steve!

  6. I have purchased a custom AR-10, a custom AR-15, and several thousand rounds from THE MAN and all around have had a great experience. Fantastic attention to detail, great customer service, and an amazing value. I would recommend Freedom to anyone.

  7. I want to thank Steve and Freedom Ammunition for a smooth seamless process to transfer my new AR-15. Communication was outstanding, and you simply can not beat the price. All I can say is wow regarding all the eye candy of polished brass and shining copper full metal jackets!

    Thanks Steve!

  8. Received my .40 S&W ammo quicker than expected. Beautiful stuff looked no different than factory and shot even better. Thanks Steve and crew.

  9. When looking for a new rifle Steven was gracious enough to help me through the process and hook me up with an amazing AR in 300 blackout. His ammo and service have also been outstanding, and I can’t wait to come back for the next order. Thanks for everything!

  10. I got to meet Steve this week and he seems like a real stand-up guy. Nice operation and well-kept. Steve is quite obviously VERY BUSY but keeps his composure and is decent enough to treat people well as he conducts his business. Not sure where he gets his energy but he never stops moving.

    Steve is definitely a guy I will do more business with.

  11. just went to shoot the 9mm ammo i purchased last week. everything looked and shot as well as i thought it would. thanks so much for the fast order fill and great quality of product. i will be purchasing more in the future. thanks

  12. I just bought my 2nd Custom AR 15 from Steve. It’s real simple. I keep coming back because he exceeds my expectations every time. The guns are more accurate than the shooter(at least me) and Steve’s attention to detail is second to none. He did some trigger work on my latest AR that makes a 2 stage AR trigger break at 1.6 pounds. It’s a crisp as you will find anywhere. He does high end craftmanship at more than fair prices.

    I also use his ammo. I could type another long paragraph but lets just say his ammo is as good as his guns. Buy with confidence.

    Chris F.

  13. I have purchased a few 1k rounds of 9mm. The price has been about the best that I’ve been able to find anywhere online. All that I’ve shot thus far has been great and performed with no problems of any kind. I will definitely check this site when I’m in the market for some more.

    – Veryl

  14. My husband and I decided to each get an AR15, we did quite a bit of research on firearms and opticals before deciding what we wanted. We contacted Freedom Ammunition to explain what we wanted .The owner asked us why we wanted the specific rifles we requested when he could build us better AR15’s at a lower cost. We chose to go with his suggestions since he knew more than we did. We were in no way disappointed. We went shooting with the firearms last weekend and put 100 rounds thru each; they performed perfectly. They are well built, accurate and cost less that lower quality firearms. I highly recommend Freedom Ammunition for more than their high quality; low cost ammunition.

  15. Steve, Just wanted to say thank you for remembering the 2 magazines I ordered from you a couple of months ago, they were on back order and I had forgotten about them, but you didn’t. I have ordered a few thousand rounds from you and need to say that the price, quality, and shipping speed were great. Thanks . Rick

  16. I ordered two thousand rounds of the 9MM Federal (new) and have to admit that I was skeptical because even though “new” and not reloads, it was actually manufactured by Freedom using the manufacturer’s brass, I had concerns about whether it was going to be as good as the “brand name” ammunition. First of all, Steve was wonderfully patient with me in responding to my numerous questions, so I went forward with the order. The ammunition arrived much faster than I had anticipated (and not just faster, but for lower charges) than I’ve gotten from other websites. I went through 200 rounds of it and had absolutely zero problems. It ran clean and true, and I could not be more pleased. Not only is the price great, but I like the idea of supporting a small company in the USA that employs our own people and in the process puts out a great product. I’ll be back for more. Michael Fitzhugh.

  17. As per my prior post here, I came back for another 3,000 rounds, and Steve was great on all aspects of customer service. You can pay more for other ammunition, but you’d be crazy to do it, given the superior quality of this company’s products and its service – not to mention unbeatable prices. Michael Fitzhugh

  18. I have been buying ammunition from Steve for three years and have never had a problem. Three of my colleagues now use his ammunition and I have sent several other gun enthusiasts his way as well. Between us we have purchased and used thousands of rounds of 9mm and 40 cal without complaints! Why pay more for bottom shelf ammunition on sale at the big outfitters when Steve’s ammunition is as good or better than top shelf and costs less? Although Steve is known for the rifles he will build for you, his prices for new Glock and Sig Sauer semi-auto pistols are as good as anything you can find on the internet. Buy the guns from him and then use his ammunition! Great service as well. Northwest Ohio is luck to have this resource!

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