Freedom Ammunition LLC., has taken every measure to ensure that this site complies with federal law. Differing State legislation changes so rapidly and varies so much that it is impossible for us to keep current. There is no intention to sell items that are illegal in your state, but there is no possible way we can ensure that every item we sell will be legal for you to own. It is up to you, the consumer, to ensure that the items you purchase from us, are legal in your state for you to own. Freedom Ammunition LLC., is not responsible for your actions.

We have put together a list of pages that we recommend you read for legal questions, privacy policy, shipping & returns, and FAQ’s.

We greatly appreciate your business and thank you for conducting yourself lawfully and responsibly to meet your states laws.

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  1. Steve is the best at what he does,, No round has ever failed me and i am confidant that Freedom Ammunition will be my ammo of choice.

    DR Tactical LLC

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